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Matrix Revolutions Figure Set
Get an instant set of the newest Matrix figures! A great collection of figures depicting scenes from both The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.
Sold out!
Sentinel Deluxe Boxed Set
Scare the kids with your very own sentinel! Extremely detailed, with articulated tentacles ending in moveable tools and grabbers.
Sold out!
APU Deluxe Boxed Set
Withstand the attack on Zion with your own (Mifune-operated) Armoured Personnel Unit!
Sold out!
Neo Fighting in the Super Burly Brawl
Recreate the climactic battle between good and evil with this very, very good Neo set. Base and backdrop lock together with the Agent Smith set below.
Smith Fighting in the Super Burly Brawl
Recreate the climactic battle between good and evil with this very, very evil Agent Smith set. Base and backdrop lock together with the Neo set above.
Neo Real World
The Matrix too intense for you? Jack out with this real world Neo and enjoy the stylish Zion fashion.
Trinity in her now classic falling pose from Neo's troubling dreams. Can Neo save her in time or will she beome a pancake? The choice is yours.
Morpheus chillin' in his favorite chair, just waiting for Niobe to call. Or maybe pondering the greater meaning of the prophecy? Naw, I bet it's Niobe.
Sold out!
Niobe in an action-packed pose. Notice the detail on those hair knobs - you don't get that on every figure!

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Gentle Giant Sculpted Statues

Portrayed by Keanu Reeves, this sculpture is based upon actual three-dimensional scans of the actor himself. The statue, which creates the illusion of Neo suspended in midair, is 15" tall (Neo's body is 12") will be packaged in deluxe special packaging, and will be a handpainted individually numbered, limited edition.
Sold out!

Portrayed in the films by Carrie-Anne Moss, Trinity is as close to reality as is possible in a sculpture. Based on actual three-dimensional computer scanning, the realism extends even to details like her elaborately tricked-out motorcycle.
Sold out!

Gentle Giant Resin Busts

Revolutions Neo & Persephone
The two newest 6.25-inch tall resin busts based on three-dimensional computer scans of Keanu Reeves and Monica Belucci. Who doesn't want to put Persephone on his shelf? Each bust sold separately.
Sold out!

Matrix Character Busts
Limited-edition 6.25-inch tall resin busts based on a three-dimensional computer scan of each actor. Neo and Twin 1 are still available!
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Neo in the Chateau
A high durability, fun collectable depicting in great detail Neo kicking butt on the Chateau staircase from The Matrix Reloaded.
Neo in the lobby
Neo flies around in the lobby scene from The Matrix. Includes several weapons, a snap-together base and an articulating Neo.

Trinity in the lobby
Trinity also flies around in the lobby scene from The Matrix. Get both!

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Did You Know?

The entire crew of the hovercraft Hammer have names borrowed from weapons: Mauser, AK, Maggie (magazine), and Colt. Interestingly, the hammer is also referred to as Mjolnir, which is the Norse God Thor's hammer...yet another weapon. The Hammer Mjolnir was said to always return after it had been thrown. Coincidentally, the Hammer (piloted by Niobe) is the only hovercraft to return to Zion.
Main Character from The Matrix

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