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The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions, released in November 2003, arrived at a time when fans were unsure of what to expect from the concluding chapter in the Matrix Trilogy. Confusion over the previous film's meaning reduced the mainstream anticipation to a dull roar. With a muted marketing campaign, fewer posters, fewer trailers, no videogame or anime short films, Revolutions virtually snuck into theatres compared with its hyped-up predecessor. Opening worldwide on the same day, and the same moment, Revolutions' Zero Hour premiere paid off at the box office leading to an unprecedented $119 million on 10,013 prints in its first five days in 107 territories, including 18 Imax screens, setting a new international box office record.

Many viewers preferred Revolutions to Reloaded, thinking it was a simpler, more straight-ahead action movie. Though it may have appeared that way, nothing could be further from the truth. Revolutions was a mind-blowingly layered ending that honored and respected the plot threads and themes introduced in the first two movies. The character arcs were satisfying and true to the characters introduced in The Matrix. The creators continued to challenge our understanding of the Matrix and its purpose, avoiding the temptation to serve us a bunch of "their" answers on a platter. That, to us, would have been a sellout of the vision they've been constructing, and wouldn't have been fair to us. Nor would it have been true to the spirit of the previous movies - they've never told us what things meant, they've only shown us the door.

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Did You Know?

In 'Revolutions', the words 'Double Destiny' appear on The Oracle's pack of cigarettes. This could be a reference to Neo and Smith and their intertwined fate - without one, the other could not exist.
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