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The Games: Connections

As just about everyone knows by now, the Wachowskis are using a number of different mediums to tell the story of the Matrix. Both Enter The Matrix and the upcoming Matrix Online are integral parts of the overall story. While we have little information on how The Matrix Online will tie in (other than that it follows the events of Revolutions), we now know exactly where Enter The Matrix fits in and we've learned A LOT of information that isn't provided in Reloaded. While we're not going to give away everything you can learn in the game, we are going to provide the pieces of information that would seem to have direct impact on events and possible outcomes in Revolutions, to better prepare you for the third movie.

Enter The Matrix Connections

Before you read any further, one suggestion: get the game and play it yourself. It's much more satisfying to have these secrets revealed by succeeding at Ghost & Niobe's offscreen tasks and advancing the game plot. All of this information is revealed in Full Motion Video sequences that look exactly like cut scenes from Reloaded. If you're still with us, here are the main ETM spoilers:
  • Niobe & Ghost retrieve the message from the mail drop that Thadeus set up in Final Flight of the Osiris. They also transmit it to Zion, which leads to Commander Locke ordering the ship recall we see in the beginning of Reloaded.
  • When Niobe is on her way to the recall she is approached by a scruffy looking, long-haired guy while at a subway payphone in the Matrix. He mumbles the following to her: "72 hours. That's exactly how long Zion lasted last time." When pressed on who he is, he continues "Me? Nobody. Just a spectator enjoying the ride. 72 hours." This guy has seen previous iterations of The Matrix and Zion, and has persisted through each one. He's going to play a part in Revolutions.
  • Niobe & Ghost are each kissed by Persephone, privately. With Ghost we learn he has a profound love for someone who loves another. We'll get enough hints later to guess who it is. With Niobe we learn that deep down inside she still loves Morpheus, not Commander Locke.
  • Trinity and Ghost refer to each other as "Brother" and "Sister".
  • The Oracle requests Seraph to protect her (to which he points out that he is "forever in her debt" and would do anything for her). She tells him "the shadow has begun to spread".
  • Bane sabotages Ballard's ship (the Caduceus), then activates the EMP to knock out the other ships. This delays the diggers slightly, but not nearly as much as if Locke's plan was successful. ...continued in the second column...

  • Niobe and Ghost are each given an audience with The Oracle (privately) and we learn a number of things. She tells Ghost that his unrequited love will "only ever love him as a friend, as her brother". This is the final hint that Ghost has a thing for Trinity, but it's a thing he is at peace with.
  • The Oracle explains why her appearance has changed: The Merovingian warned her that if she helped Neo, she would pay. Two programs she trusted sold the termination code of her original shell to the Merovingian to protect the life of their child. She allowed this to happen because she believes the child will one day change both her world and the real word forever. The Merovingian used the code to terminate her previous shell.
  • The Oracle explains what happened to Neo at the end of Reloaded: Neo touched the Source and separated his mind from his body. Now he lies trapped in a place between her world and the real world. Only Trinity can free him and she'll have to fight her way through hell to do it.
  • The Oracle calls each of them there to "prepare those that stand on the front line of the coming trial". They all have a crucial part to play and must find the courage when they're most afraid to do what needs to be done. The end of the world is coming, unless they all play their part to save it. "The path of the One is made by the many."
  • ETM ends with Niobe's ship, The Logos, running from Sentinels in the Tunnels of the Real. With their ship powerless, and trapped deep in an unmapped tunnel, Niobe, Ghost, and Sparks await rescue in Revolutions.

There are a lot of other pieces of information to be learned from playing the game, but this sets up the main issues for Revolutions. The End of this section

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A reason for the 'sixth' One: In the TV show, 'The Prisoner', which contains similar themes to 'Matrix', the main character who seeks to be free from the hidden system of technological control which imprisons him is called 'No. 6'. But in the final episode, the ever-changing 'No. 2' who answers No. 6's repeated question, 'Who is No. 1?' puts the emphasis where it belongs for the first time: 'YOU ARE, No. 6.' (As opposed to 'You are No 6.') Indeed, No. 6 takes the monkey mask off the figure in the No. 1 chair and sees himself. Like Neo, the Prisoner's answer to his quest for freedom has always been within himself, as the Oracle so often tells Neo. Thus, Neo = No. 6, the sixth No. 1, but really, the first One.
- Suggested by Wes Howard-Brook
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