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Wake Up!
by Martin Place

You're all wrong. So, so wrong! The Matrix has nothing to do with Computers. The Matrix has nothing to do with Philosophy. The Matrix has nothing to do with Religon. The Matrix has nothing to do with History.

You are in 'The Matrix' by believing that it has. Forever trying to convince yourself that you have found the answer to 'The Question'. There is no 'Question'.

The movie is about 'Money and Control'. It's as simple as that people. Nothing more, nothing less. The "Battery" is a metaphor for the "The Dollar". The "Human Farming" is a metaphor for "Suburbia". The "Prison for your mind" is a metaphor for "Propaganda". The "You are a slave" is a metaphor for "Industry". "Morpheus" is a metaphor for "Apathy". "The Sentinels" are a metaphor for "The Police". "The Agents" are a metaphor for "Spies". "Zion" is a metaphor for "Faith". And "The Matrix" is a simple metaphor for "The World Around You". In other words, "Money and Control".

And "Wake Up", is exactally that. Wake Up!

It just seems so blatantly obvious to me. Like the Neo Nazi joke in "Two and a Half Men". I.E. Charlie plays Baseball for "Pavlov's Dogs". The number on the back of his jersey is 88. 88 meaning "Heil Hitler" in the Neo Nazi community.

They were being sarcastic, and you all fell for the joke!

Wake Up! The Matrix 101 - Your Guide To Understanding The Matrix Trilogy

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Did You Know?

The Architect's wall of video monitors in 'Reloaded' appears briefly in 'The Matrix': Immediately after Neo is apprehended at MetaCorTechs, and before he is interrogated by Agent Smith, the camera slowly zooms in on several video monitors showing Neo sitting in the interrogation room. Many people assumed the monitors were connected to interrogation room cameras in the police station, but curiously, they all showed the same image of Neo in his room. The Architect was watching Neo even before he was awakened by Morpheus and his crew.
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