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Contributions: Essays

The Matrix and The Mater, a five-part series by Stephen Faller
Part 2: Why Trinity Had to Die
Part 3: Girl Power and the Matrix
Part 4: Sex and Sensibility
Part 5: Embodiment and the Ghost in the Machine

Under The Matrixscope, an ongoing series by Scott Potter
Part 3: The Sight Without Time
Part 4: The Many Colors of The Matrix

Change is a Dangerous Game by Vince Schuck

Whoa! The Use of Deliberate Camp in The Matrix by Greg Lindberg

Wake Up! by Martin Place

Mr. Anderson and Agent Smith Were Not The Ones by Gladys'k ProdZ

The Matrix: Three Cheers, Sweet Sixteen by Tracy Hostmyer

Morpheus Might Be a Bad Guy by KGBkid

The Substitution of Unknowns by Jamie Gould

The Super Matrix - A New Episode That Expands the Matrix Trilogy, an introduction and excerpt by PD Wood

The Matrix Rememory - An Alternate Version of the Third Episode of the Matrix Trilogy, an introduction and excerpt by PD Wood

Watching The Matrix Trilogy Philosophically by Matt Lawrence

Animation, the cat and escaping drawing by Sarah Treadwell and Paul Veart

The Questions Theory of the Matrix Trilogy by Phil Brown

The Red Pill by Nikos Zorzos

Give Us the Old Razzle Dazzle by Dana Taryn Sweeney

Which pill would you take, the red or the blue? by David Droar

The Overlooked Duality of Agent Smith's Name by Jason Salas

An Interpretation of the Philosophy of The Matrix Trilogy by Mark Young

Smith's Compulsion 'To Stay' and His Consequent Agenda by Joe Marshall

Neo is Not Dead by Rewris

Neo...the One? by Spoonman

Meeting The Merovingian by Alex M. Dunne

Love's Labours File 404 Error by Dana Taryn Sweeney

Smith Is The One by Paul McCord

The Machines as God by The Siegels

Degeneration, Depraved Aberration and the Matrix by Inevitability

An Overview of The Matrix by Wayne Bruce

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There are trailers and behind-the-scenes documentaries for the "Enter The Matrix" and "The Matrix Online" games. Download them here.
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