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The Matrix Rememory - An Alternate Version of the Third Episode of the Matrix Trilogy
by PD Wood

The following is an introduction to, and the opening page from, the Matrix Rememory. The author has kindly allowed The Matrix 101 to share this excerpt with our readers. Show your interest and appreciation by visiting to read the full, 80 page manuscript and offer feedback on what we consider to be one of the most original extensions of The Matrix Trilogy that we've come across.
- Ed
Why I Wrote the Matrix Rememory

I love the first two movies in the Matrix Trilogy, The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded. They bring together so many great elements- action, science fiction, comic book styling, metaphysics, virtual reality, love story, unique characters, incredible special effects, awesome soundtrack, etc- and they do it brilliantly.

When I left the theatre after seeing the second movie, my mind was already anticipating where the third movie would go. The more I thought about it, the more ideas keep pouring out of my head. By the time Matrix Revolutions came out, I had practically written my own version of a third movie in my head. Turns out, it had little in common with what the Wachowski brothers came up with in Matrix Revolutions.

I liked Matrix Revolutions. The part of the story that revolves around Zion and its imminent attack is awesome, as is the final showdown between Neo and Smith. I liked the third movie, but I didn't love it like the others. The characters of the Architect and of the Merovingian & Persephone were so compelling and intense in Matrix Reloaded that I thought they would play more prominent roles; and the characters of Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo seemed to lose a lot of their presence. And for the final episode to match or even outshine the others, I felt it needed to have a real mind-bending surprise or twist.

I kept thinking about the different direction the third movie could have gone and eventually wrote down some of those ideas. I found myself thinking more and more about it. One day, while I was on a jobsite doing some carpentry, I again started talking about my ideas. One of the guys finally said, " You keep talking about a different ending to the Matrix. Why don't you stop talking about it and just write it". So I did. ...continued in the second column...

When I first started, I really had nothing more in mind than writing a long outline or a synopsis of my ideas. But the more I wrote, the more new ideas kept coming. As the story got bigger and bigger, I felt more and more like I wanted to give up since I hadn't planned on devoting so much time to it. On the other hand I didn't want to waste the time I had already put in by simply abandoning the project, so I kept writing.

Matrix Rememory picks up where Matrix Reloaded ended. Few new characters are introduced. Where parts of this version are similar to Matrix Revolutions, I have tried as accurately as possible to describe them in a synopsis format and indicate them by footnotes at the bottom of each page. The document is not in official screenplay format because it was not intended to be made into a movie. Matrix Rememory is copyrighted; please don't reproduce it without permission. Positive or negative, I'm very interested in knowing what people think of it. You can comment on and download the complete Matrix Rememory manuscript at

Well, here it is. I hope the people who like it, like it a lot; and I hope the people who don't like it, don't get too pissed off at me because I thought I had a right to create an alternate version. I wrote it for the fun and challenge of such an undertaking; hopefully, it will be as fun and challenging for people to read.

And to the Wachowski brothers, please accept that the creation of this alternate version is meant only as a complement to Matrix Revolutions. My effort is fueled purely by admiration; few works of art could have inspired me to pursue such an undertaking. I have nothing but respect for your vision.

A fourth episode (which I'm working on) will complete the story in Matrix Rememory. With some work I'm sure this fourth episode could easily be adapted to become a new movie and final episode to follow Matrix Revolutions (the Wachowski brothers willing). The Matrix 101: The End of this essay

The Matrix Rememory, an excerpt

    Fade In.
1. Opening Credits And Travel - (30 secs)

    This sequence of the camera traveling forward is overlaid by the opening credits and is shown as fast-paced motion that moves increasingly faster as it progresses. The visual pattern of the sequence gradually shifts from green Matrix computer coding to bright yellow sinewy light until it finally stops suddenly and the scene turns black.
2. Architect And Morpheus - (1 min)

    The scene is black except for the faint silhouette of a person's face illuminated from above. We hear the voice of the Architect asking an assistant some questions.

    Architect: How is he?

    Assistant: The trip was not as smooth as we would have liked but he's much better now. The serum was enough to bring him out of his trance, but not enough to rejuvenate body motion. At the moment he can only move his eyes.

    Architect: That will have to do. Thank you. Bring up the lights slowly.

    The blackness slowly reveals just Morpheus's face with eyes closed. The rest of the room is shrouded in darkness. A door opens and closes. We hear footsteps. Morpheus's eyes open slowly. The Architect circles him, appearing intermittently in secondary lights.

    Architect: Morpheus, your body has not yet made the full adjustment so you won't be able to talk or move your body quite yet. Blink your eyes once for yes and twice for no. Can you understand me?

    Morpheus blinks once.

    Architect: Is the light too bright?

    Morpheus blinks twice.

    Architect: We've had to pull you out. As you know, this is a highly irregular procedure. The risks are substantial but this is a problem that simply cannot be left to chance. Time is short. We have no other choice but to perform a medical procedure on you and get you back as soon as possible. But I want you to know that your work with Neo has been brilliant. He trusts you completely. He is right where we want him, thanks to you. (Pause) This will be the last time we speak. Let's hope that once Neo has finally been extracted, the threat of another Great War will be eliminated.

    Segue to Great War.

Did You Know?

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