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The Books: The Shooting Script

Paperback: 160 pages, stills, notes, credits
Written by Larry and Andy Wachowski
Foreword by William Gibson

If you can't afford to pick up The Art of the Matrix (which includes the script), then The Shooting Script is a must! A nicely designed, large-format paperback, this book is an invaluable resource for the Matrix fan. Not only do you get every word spoken in the film, there are a number of scenes in the script that didn't make it into the finished film. The cut scenes offer additional information on some of the primary themes of the movie.

Two of my favorite expanded scenes are:
  • Neo and Cypher talking after Neo has startled him at the green code screens. The expanded information in this scene gives more background on the previous times Morpheus has freed people from the Matrix, wrongly believing they were the One.
  • Neo and Morpheus on their visit to the Oracle. The information in this expanded scene relates back to the conversation with Cypher. ...continued in the second column...

The Books: Cover of The Shooting ScriptAlong with the complete script, there are scene notes written by Phil Oosterhouse, assistant to the Wachowskis. These notes offer background and anecdotes on many of the pivotal scenes in the movie. The scene notes are followed by a number of official stills and the complete credits for The Matrix.

Last, but definitely not least, the Foreword is written by none other than William Gibson!

This is a book no Matrix fan should be without. It offers more information, answers questions, and gives the reader some idea of how this movie evolved from the printed page to the screen. The End of this section

Get The Shooting Script for yourself today!

Did You Know?

At the 'Door to the Source' briefing in 'Reloaded' The Keymaker tells the rebels that the amount of time that the One has to open the door to the Source is 314 seconds. This is likely an allusion to PI, 3.14, which is a close approximation of the relation of a circle's circumference to its diameter, yet contains an unending anomaly, much like the One is to the Matrix.
- Submitted by Ross McDermott
Main Character from The Matrix

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