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The Matrix Reloaded: Characters

The Matrix Reloaded: NeoNeo: Neo is the One. Now much more confident in his abilities, but haunted by terrifying dreams and conflicting information, the ultimate fate of the human race rests with Neo.

The Matrix Reloaded: TrinityTrinity: Trinity is Morpheus' right-hand. Morpheus freed her years ago and she has since become his most trusted an accomplished ally. Trinity is Neo's love interest, confidant, and source of strength.

The Matrix Reloaded: The OracleThe Oracle: An unusual inhabitant of the Matrix, The Oracle is able to see the future. She guides Neo on the path to destroying the Matrix. The Oracle is also responsible for the original prophecy concerning the existence of The One.

The Matrix Reloaded: NiobeNiobe: Captain of the hovercraft Logos, former flame of Morpheus, and now with Commander Lock. Niobe is one of the two main characters in Enter The Matrix.

The Matrix Reloaded: The KeymakerThe Keymaker: Held prisoner by Merovingian, The Keymaker is the only one who can lead Neo to the Source. The Oracle sends Neo to him.

The Matrix Reloaded: Commander LockCommander Lock: Commander of Zion's military forces, and Niobe's current flame. Lock doesn't believe in the prophecy and thinks devoting resources to it will hasten Zion's destruction.

The Matrix Reloaded: BaneBane: A member of another hovercraft crew, Bane is turned into an Agent Smith duplicate in the Matrix immediately before jacking out. It appears Agent Smith now controls him in the 'real world'.

The Matrix Reloaded: The ArchitectThe Architect: The creator of the Matrix, the architect informs Neo that much of what he believed about the Matrix, Zion, and his destiny is untrue.

The Matrix Reloaded: MorpheusMorpheus: Captain of the hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar, Morpheus believes in The Oracle's prophecy, and he believes humanity's only chance for survival is Neo.

The Matrix Reloaded: Agent SmithAgent Smith: A rogue program in the Matrix, Smith is able to do almost everything Neo can, plus a few things Neo can't (like creating unlimited exact copies of himself). Smith's motivations have changed since his re-birth - destroying Neo seems to be his only focus.

The Matrix Reloaded: LinkLink: The only other member of Morpheus' crew. Married to Tank and Dozer's sister, Link is the operator for the Neb's crew when they enter the Matrix, and he also pilots the Neb in the 'real world'.

The Matrix Reloaded: GhostGhost: Niobe's right-hand. Ghost is especially effective in hand-to-hand combat and weapons usage. Ghost is one of the two main characters in Enter The Matrix.

The Matrix Reloaded: PersephonePersephone: Wife of Merovingian, Persephone tires of her husband's infidelities and assists our heros in locating The Keymaker...but at what cost to Neo?

The Matrix Reloaded: The TwinsThe Twins: Henchmen of Merovingian, the twins have some unique abilities, including making themselves immaterial at will, and limited flight (or controlled jumping).

The Matrix Reloaded: MerovingianMerovingian: Likely another program in the Matrix, Merovingian holds The Keymaker captive, standing in Neo's way. His wife, Persephone, betrays him.

The Matrix Reloaded: SeraphSeraph: Guardian of The Oracle, Seraph is a program in the Matrix. He tests Neo before allowing him to see her.

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Did You Know?

The book Persephone pulls to open the secret door in Reloaded is Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung (The World as Will and Representation). The two next to it are Parerga und Paralipomena (Parerga and Paralipomena), and Über die Grundlage der Moral (On the Basis of Morality). All are by Arthur Schopenhauer.
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