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Neo is Not Dead
by by Rewris

While writing an essay on what the Architect meant about Neo being an anomaly, I stumbled across a very interesting word. This word stirred up my inquisition of the "real" meaning behind something very important in that particular piece of seemingly complex dialogue. The magic word is "Temporary". Such a simple word you may think, but the context he used it in makes it to be the integral word in my theory. I know you are wondering where is this word placed and in what context to make it so interesting or important.

Well, it is quite simple, in the second film you need to pay very close attention to what the Architect is saying, this we all know, but did we really pay attention? I believe Neo is most definitely not dead. I always thought this for one reason; after his fight with Smith, The Deus Ex Machina unplugged Neo, then the trash collector came and collected him and he was shown in the "golden code" view. Looking at him in the center, he was the brightest of all the code in the entire scene. I think that the brighter the code, the more power is present, hence my view on what the golden code actually is, hence my reason for believing that he is still alive.

But the new reason that has sealed it for me resides in the Architect's use of that single word "temporary". This is a sample of his dialogue:

The Architect:
The function of the One is now to return to the Source, allowing a temporary dissemination of the code you carry, reinserting the prime program. After which, you will be required to select from the Matrix 23 individuals - 16 female, 7 male - to rebuild Zion. Failure to comply with this process will result in a cataclysmic system crash, killing everyone connected to the Matrix, which, coupled with the extermination of Zion, will ultimately result in the extinction of the entire human race. ...continued in the second column...

A temporary dissemination of the code, the prime code. The coding that makes Neo the One, which gives him his special command on the Matrix. It will be temporarily disseminated, and then what happens next? Where will it go? He also said, "After which, you will be required to select from the Matrix 23 individuals - 16 female, 7 male - to rebuild Zion." See my point yet? The code will be taken out, cut, exported, whatever you wish to call it. Then used to reboot the Matrix and will be returned to Neo where it belongs.

The Matrix Reloaded: The Architect's Monitors

Now obviously he would not be required to choose any individuals, but this also shows that he will be alive and will be returned to the Matrix after the "temporary dissemination" of the code, where he will be alive. Smith told Cypher in the first movie that he could be reinserted into the power plant, so I do not doubt that this is where Neo will live.

The question is; will he still have the same command on the Matrix? This we can only speculate on, for Neo broke the mold, he did not adhere to the Architect's manipulations as the previous Ones did, so we can't look at the little information we have on what happened in the past to lead us to any reasonable conclusion.

Perhaps he will retain the power over the Matrix, because of what I said earlier; he broke the mold and proved himself to be the first successful One per se.
Did You Know?

The Wachowski brothers gave Keanu 3 books before reading The Matrix script: 'Out of Control' by the Editor of Wired Magazine, 'Introducing Evolutionary Psychology' and Jean Baudrillard's 'Simulacra and Simulation'. Find out more about these books.
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