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Mr. Anderson and Agent Smith Were Not The Ones
by Gladys'k ProdZ

"When the Matrix was first built, there was a man born inside who had the ability to change whatever he wanted, to remake the Matrix as he saw fit... After he died the Oracle prophesized his return and that his coming would hail the destruction of the Matrix, end the war, bring freedom to our people."

Let's get the obvious out of the way:

1.- Smith And Anderson were both born or reborn inside The Matrix.

Some people have said that Anderson was not, 'cuz he was grown in the crops. I don't think that's fair! The first Humans inhabiting the Matrix were crops born. What about the following: getting pregnant? Her mind would make it real, thus the machines would have to give birth and assimilate the child.

It is not explained in the movies but makes perfect sense.

Smith is not a "Man" but is a system AI (Artificial intelligence). The original AI (Single Consciousness) was created by humans and spawned an "Entire Race Of Machines". The machines were once living with us. Even if they are not entitled to the same laws/justice/rights, they have been regarded as a creation of men and their evolution enabled them to have their own city/lives/wives/husbands/children...

There is a male and female in all things, why not in computer programing = 0 and 1. Smith is a "Man" of the machine world born into the Matrix.

By the way, the prophecy states that The One was originally born in the Matrix (The First Coming). But the Oracle prophesized his "Return", not the way he would do such a thing. So you can already put all your nonsense in a garbage can.

As for their subsequent rebirth inside the Matrix. Both Anderson and Smith had the gift! There have been others with great powers inside the Matrix even though they were not the Ones. Why would the prophecy limits itself to a human being? In the world of the Matrix, we do see our oponents as machines, like I would see a dog as an animal, but it was never mentioned that the machines had no souls!

The goal behind the creation of THE AI.

If we were made in God's image and the machines were made in ours, it would enable them to break the rules, thus proving Morpheus wrong when he says: "They are bound by the rules of the system."

2.- No destruction of the Matrix occured.

Everybody died at the end of the Matrix Online (The Official sequel of the series). But the Matrix was not destroyed by the actions of Smith nor Anderson.

Anderson only saved the inhabitants of the Matrix from Smith. And Smith almost destroyed the Matrix but none of them freed us all!

3.- The war didn't end.

The Matrix Online is the single proof of that fact. And if we don't mention that so called sequel, at the end of Revolutions, the Architect states that the peace may come to an end. It was a truce, nothing more. No Peace! ...continued in the second column...

4.- The truth behind the prophecy.

In my opinion, following all that I have stated here, the prophecy is true. It as yet to be fulfilled. The rebirth of Anderson or Smith was not the second coming. A MAN was born a long time ago in the Matrix, and could have been Anderson.

That man will not have the same body or mind as the first one. Re-incarnation could have sent his soul over to the machine's side. It is his core soul, abilities and purpose that will make HIM the One. When the second comming will occur, he will still be called the One but may have another hacker alias. Anderson was the closest thing we had seen in a century of war. But "Neo" is not the One. Nor was it Smith.

The Oracle states that Neo may be waiting for his next life (many calls his rebirth the next life but, we usualy use that phrase when re-incarnation is involved). The Oracle also says that we may see him again in the future, that time around may mark the real second coming. Hail the definitive destruction of the Matrix and put an end to the war freeing us all.

But a lot of you don't believe in the prophecy anymore, since it was proven false in the second movie. I have only this to say: "We are not done yet!" If he is to come back. (Unless of course the Matrix Online is the official end of the Matrix).

5.- The One.

He will have the ability to remake the Matrix as he sees fit. The machines could rewrite the programing jailing our crew in the first movie. Or the repairs made to the haunted house in the Animatrix.

But Anderson and Smith could only bend the rules of the Matrix not change it! If Anderson could, it would have been a piece of cake for him to get rid of Smith. The same applies to Smith after his rebirth.

If I was in Neo's place, when Morpheus told me: "You think that's air your breathing?". I would have made a Kamehameha (Dragonball) or a Hadoken (Street Fighter) because I have that much imagination. It would not be hard for me to pull some neat tricks in the Matrix knowing it is a computer generated world.

But changing the fabric of the Matrix itself would be a "Tour-De-Force" that only the best hacker could pull without a sweat, thus being called The One.

6.- Conclusion

We have yet to meet the One. Neo may return (actually, he did return in the Matrix Online). Smith could have hailed the destruction of the Matrix freeing us from this world sending us to the afterlife! Morpheus could still find the One (if he wasen't dead in the Matrix Online).

All that is left is the Oracles words to Trinity: "You will fall in love with a dead man." I'm not sure about this one, but i think Trinity lives in the Matrix Online? She could fall in love with someone else? Or it could be unconditional love for their son? She wouldn't be the first women (or human being living on this earth) to fall for the wrong man thinking he is the one! lol

If its true than, all that I've just said is bullcrap and Neo is The One after all... but not Smith.

N.B.: I have used Anderson a lot instead of Neo 'cuz I wanted to make it clear that I do not believe that he is The One. The One (Neo = Rebirth or New in some languages) should have been much more powerfull. I know this is just a movie and that there was some limitations due to budget but, I expect my savior to be godlike, not someone that dies so often and so easily! The End of this section

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